What is Equipping Essentials Online?

Equipping Essentials is an online training course of 10 modules on the essentials of Youth and Children’s Ministries. This online training can be a valuable tool for Lead Pastors to equip their leaders in the essentials and then supplement it with their own church in-house training. Equipping Essentials will eventually have three levels of training to help advanced leaders continue to learn and grow in leadership as well. 


Equipping believes in the value of ministry to youth and children.

We have all heard it said that our students aren’t just the church of the future, they are the church of today. If we believe this, we need to continually invest in their lives. One of the best ways to invest in children and youth is to invest in their leaders. Equipping’s purpose is to train youth and children’s workers so that they are equipped to minister effectively to this generation. Our heart is to impart, instruct, inspire and connect with you as a leader, so you can be your best!

Provides Networking Opportunities and Connections

Researches Effective Resources for CM and YM Workers

Creates Online Training Courses and Hosts Onsite Seminars